The KS Konstrukcje Stalowe
company also offers the production
of welded steel structures

  • The KS KONSTRUKCJE STALOWE company also offers production of welded steel structures such as:

  • foundation frames for machinery and equipment,
  • machine beds with or without integrated oil tanks,
  • stands, supports,
  • elements of supporting structures for advertisements, billboards,
  • steel elements of elevator, hoist and belt conveyor structures,
  • masts, poles, girders, spans,
  • complete steel structures of industrial halls, warehouses, etc.
  • silos for loose materials for construction, agriculture and industry, including, in the field of environmental
        protection, sludges and other post-production waste,
  • containers,
  • structural elements of cranes and hoisting gears,
  • frames for railway running gear.

Examples of projects:

18m long/4m wide/2.7m high - 7.5t recycling plant
support structure
container frame

Slurry tank
welded structures
light towers,